The origins

The origins of the Company date back to the early 70s when the founder, realising the development potential of the aftermarket related to the field of spare parts for industrial vehicles, decided to set up OLPI S.n.c.

From the outset, the company specialised in the design of proprietary technical solutions, quickly creating an organisational unit internally equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for the production, assembly and storage of the product.

OLPI S.n.c. rapidly became known on the national and international market for the excellent quality of its anti-vibration transmission shaft supports.

2005: BOTTO RICAMBI took over the brand
With the entry of the second generation into the company in 2005, the owners decided to set up BOTTO RICAMBI S.r.l. which, in addition to completely taking over technical and production know-how and the OLPI brand, set itself the goal of implementing the business by extending its range of product lines.


Located in Pratiglione (TURIN – ITALY) BOTTO RICAMBI S.r.l. is now a well-established company spread over a covered area of 3000 square metres. The modern industrial property houses the assembly and mounting department, technical and experimental area, administrative headquarters and warehouse.

Component production activities are now mainly outsourced with certified partner companies located in the province of Turin and elsewhere (OLPI group). These companies operate under the directives and constant monitoring of BOTTO RICAMBI technicians and designers.

The widespread distribution network completes the organisational profile of the company, which today is more than ever projected into a new phase of development on the global market.